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How it works

The six key ingredients to help change the way you travel on the London Underground.

Station info

Instantly see how busy your nearest station is as soon as you open the app.

Crowding levels

We show you how the crowd levels
change over the next hour.

Departure info

We find the dips in crowd levels and let you know the the best time to leave.

Route suggestions

When you plan a journey, you can choose between the quietest and fastest route.

Journey experience

The route details let you know what to expect at each stop along the way.

Community updates

Help your fellow commuters and tell us what you see at the station and along the journey.

How we're different


We help you find the dips in the crowds so you have more space.


We don't just get you from A to B, we focus on your experience.


Our personalised suggestions help you make smart journeys

What our users say

With TUBR, travelling through London on the Tube is a whole lot less stressful.
- John, User
It's more important than ever to have an app that enables travellers to avoid the crowds.
- Mark, User
I love how the app tells me the least congested route to work.
- Charlie, User

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